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  Life Coach, Leadership Mentor
Nationally Certified Educator, MS. Biology
Ignite The Spark To The Life
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...Tick, Tick, Tick How much longer will you put your dreams aside? Next year, next month, never? With time as our most valuable asset, ever wonder what you're doing with yours? Exhausted at the end of the day and too tired to think about tomorrow?

Think your dreams are too far gone? Wrong

It's time to jump off the big merry go round of life and get a grip on yours. Lisa Bell has the tools waiting for you to reframe and rekindle your LifeSpark™ to burn brilliantly so that everyone benefits. Come join Lisa in discovering your path for real world success, the kind that lights the fire in your soul. Get past the blocks and set your course straight to the life you've always dreamed!

Fuel Your Flame!
Here's your chance to add the oxygen fuel to LifeSpark! Simple get compelling insights, "Lisa's Logic" helps your discover your real world talents and abilities.

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